Learned Ignorace

by Swing Low

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released January 25, 2016

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Aric Ficek @ Winterland Studios
Album Art by Matt Murray

HUGE THANKS to Aric for recording, and Matt for drawing up the art. Can't thank you guys enough.

Shout out to Relentless Screen-printing, TND(R.i.p.), No Victory, Purgatory, Seeing Red, Souls, Barbarian, Triumph, LWW FOREVER, War Prayer, Shame, HFW, Iron Born, and all of our friends or anyone we left out or have met on the road for being supportive. SWING LOW 2016




Swing Low Fargo, North Dakota

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Track Name: R.W.M
You take from this only what you can conquer.
Take my breath, take my voice, for what I believe.
Perceived sins, Insane men, your power pollutes.
Suspected, you can't live, you must fucking rot.

Now your time has come.
Never trust anyone.
Bleeding for your cause, is something you've never done.

Sinking slow, black hearted soul, ice in your veins.
Handed down, verdict due, no mercy for you.
Slave to the state, this is your fate, no justice for you.
Tortured soul, you take no more, just a cell with a view.
Pray for death, the cowards way, life sentence for you,
Out on the yard, you'll feel that cold, welcome to cell block one.

True pain awaits you.
Damnation awaits you.
Track Name: Caged by Status
You, you say those things to me.
You can never just let it be.
You, you take and you take and you take.
Dead. Buried. A fuckin disgrace.

Making sure people see the stupid fucking things you do.
You're leaning on me, you know it's eating me alive.
You take from this, and you give nothing back, mother fucker.
Your self serving ways are over. Fuck you.

You. You take nothing from this.
You. You're never gonna earn our trust.

Earned no respect.
Step up and get put in check.

You've changed. We're better off either way.
You've changed. Taken for granted, locked away.
You've changed. This hammers coming down, you're so fucked.
Track Name: Back and to the Left
Back and to the left.
These words are found on death.

Please just keep your distance.
Your laws and rules just drag us down.
Keep your fucking distance.
No longer will you wear that crown.
You don't know the pain, of living on minimum wage.
You don't have the say, your power has made you insane.

Your patriotism is a lie.

Back and to the left.
These words are found on death.
Back and to the left.
This countries bought and sold on theft.
Track Name: Brotherhood of Snakes
You won't suffer.
You've never felt this pain.
Nothing is sacred to you.
Nothing more than shame.

The lines are drawn.
You pick your sides.
What about brotherhood?
It never mattered in your eyes.

You don't care, never have, never will.
You don't care, my life is just a joke to you.

You take your shots and leave us in the dust.
Time is all I need to see your other side.
Beg for your life, you must fucking pay.